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    New guy, old school, dodgy painter

    Hi everybody,

    This is my first posting on any type of forum since the invention of the Net (thanks to Al Gore for that one!).

    I'm a 29 year old Space Marine collector from Utrecht, Holland. As a kid i was introduced to 40K via a neighbourhood-friend who had the Space Hulk game. I was in love with Space Marines from the very first site of their plastic red colored armour! (before all this i always played the Space Marine character from the Talisman-game extension-pack Time Warp, and subsequently never won a single Talisman-game with this character but he was so cool!!!)

    Later i got in contact with the Space Quest-game which was in Dutch and very horribly translated...shiver....but still, I had my first squads and enemies!

    Since then it had been quiet on the SM front until a year ago when i stumbled across a shop in my town that sold everything from GW. And i started collecting new SM's and painting my old characters. And thanks to a friend I recieved 50 Space Wolves for half the price because he wanted to quit the game.

    I enjoy painting and collecting the SM (75 SM, 1 Rhino, 1 Landspeeder, 6 bikes) but I also have a small army of Chaos Marines and of course all the Ultramarines, Orcs, Goblins, Genestealers and Necrons from the Space Quest game!!!

    Now, I'm not really familiar with the rules of the game 'cause I was more interrested in collecting rather than playing but I'm getting the urge to start playing. I designed my own color scheme for my SM (Chaos black undercoat, blood red for hands and kneecaps and shoudlrguardtrim and chainmail for the eagles with a good brown ink wash) which is more for the batch cool look than the individual because i suck at painting details. I also have story/origin line for the Night Wolves (original uhum.....) which is a brother Chapter from the Space Wolves (no really?). But, but, but:

    What to do with my old weapons and outfits from the Space Quest marines? They carry weapons i dont see back in the new sprues i can buy. Do they count as real weapons? Can I use them? Like the asault cannon for normal SM's, or the big multi-melta i only see Terminators with but my tiny SM's carry them. And what about the Captain i got from Space Quest, what to do with him? Or the Tarantula double lascannon? I'm at a loss. (and i havent a Codex yet.....)

    (in the same line: what to do with the Necron Dreadnoughts from Space Quest?)

    Maybe someone can help and maybe someone can give me some tips on how to paint if your hands/fingers are short and stubby (and have been broken a few times from too much Martial Arts board breaking) I really cant paint details and it sucks (eyes, moustaches, shoulderguardtrim)

    I hope I enjoy my stay here.


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    aah, the space quest game you refer to is also known as Space Crusade!
    And yes, it is a phenomenal game, and was my first intro to WH40K too.
    Those Chaos Androids were indeed the forunners of Necrons, and the Chaos dreadnaughts were damn cool with their modular armaments.

    Unfortunately, many of the weapons that the space marines from Space quest/crusade are armed with are either illegal or no longer exist. Such as the assault cannon. The mighty conversion beamer, a really interesting weapon no longer exists either.
    The multi melta, is actually fine though. it's a shame about the tarantulas though..aah it was such a cool game.

    Like yourself, I'm also an exponent of the martial arts and I too have troubles with details. But like the martial arts, with practise and patience you can get much better. IT'S all about precision. Psychologically, it's actually quite similar, the amouont of training and concentration that you need.

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