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Thread: Ah, 40K

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    Ah, 40K

    Wow, it told me to post an introduction on this board, so here it is.

    I'm currently going to school in Maryland and I've been playing 40K for about 10 years now. I have sold my soul to Chaos looooong ago, and I have fairly substantial Iron Warriors and Word Bearers armies (the WB being my favorite!).

    I've dabbled in every GW game except Epic. To tell you the truth, BFG is my favorite; too bad nobody I know plays it...

    Anyway, I put the hobby on hold when I started college, and now I'm getting into it again. Though my sould is twice damned by the gods of Chaos I think I'm going to go for the Eldar when the new 'dex comes out. Nobody around my area plays them, and those War Walker models are so sick I simply couldn't resist. Thanks GW, for sucking me into the hobby once more...

    That's my life story folks, if anyone cares. I hope to get some good advice from the forums in the near future when my craftworld musters its forces to do battle.

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    Welcome to LO.

    Eldar would be great for a new army to collect after the new codex. Especially for an already veteran gamer. I hope to see you in the chaos forum, its the best one around and lead by the titan Caluin.
    Check out my Codex: Farmyard Animals here!

    If anyone wants any kind of help writing fluff for any kind of GW army just ask.

    Anzac Clan

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