Note: New members, please make your introduction posts in the Introductions subforum, found here! Thank you.

As the description says, this subforum is for our regular members to post a notice when they’re going AFK for longer time than usual (logging off for the duration of a standard school day doesn’t count!) If you’re going on vacation, temporarily being without a computer or internet access, joining the Amish community, or anything else that would keep you away from frequenting the forum as often as usual, then this is the place to let your friends and fellow members know.

And when returning to the forum again, feel free let us know that you’re back in a similar fashion.

So, to those of you going AFK to face the real world for a while (I hear it is a nice place to visit), take care, have fun, and see you later! And to those of you returning home (did you bring us something nice from the Great Outside?), welcome back! ^_^