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    Oi! Yoo lotta 'umie gitz!

    Right, I should probably try and lay off the orkspeak from now on, but give me time! I've spent the last two years or so pretty exclusively on an all-orks all-the-time forum (The WAAAGH!), and as the subtitle says*, that's just how we do things where I come from. I promise to work improving my proppa 'umie-speek as much as I can though, and hopefully you can all grasp my dialect well enough in the mean-time.

    So, you may have gathered that I am in some way or another interested in greenskins. Well, I'm not just interested, I'm virtually obsessed. I've been playing Orks since September 1999, about a month after their codex came out, and I've played virtually nothing but orks in the past seven years. During that time I've built up well over 10k points of the proppa green horde, and my green tide continues its seemingly perpetual growth to this day.

    However, I've always fancied playing guard. They're one of a few armies in the 40k ensemble that I've always kept just off to the corner of my eye, with the thought "I'll get around to them some day, can't just play orks forever, can I?" running constantly through my head. Well, I think any possibility of truth in that thought died long ago. But I've finally found a way around it! I've made up a list, one which I really, really, really like, which focuses my green obsession in a very different way: These guardsmen, their background, the basis for the regiments' founding, everything about their tactics and their dogma, is hellbent on one thing and one thing only-- killing orks!

    I guess I don't want to give away too much about my ideas right here in my first post- this is the place for introductions, and I do not intend to put everything I've got on the table at once in one huge post. Army rosters for the roster section, models for the modelling section, fluff ideas for that section as well (this, of course, assuming all these sections are present- I've yet to take a good tour of the site, and have only vaguely noticed a conversion sub-forum, but I'll be doing that presently)-- this is merely for the introductions, so that's where I'm leaving it.

    That's all, hope this forum's a good one. Thanks in advance for convincing me!


    *EDIT: the portion I assumed to be the subtitle area is not quite so. No qualms, I'm you'll catch my meaning anyways....

    The universe is Orkdom.

    Light up the Skies!

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    Welcome aboard Orkdom, you may or may not remember me from my infrequent posting over at the-waaagh. But your welcome aboard Bruva! Just don't let any of the Nobz catch you over here.

    This is a great forum, for your general everyday non-greenskin discussion even if they don't have ork smilies!

    See you around!

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