What else are you supposed to say in an introduction thread?

I've been in and out of the hobby for eleven years. I grew up in Northern Michigan. There is no where to buy anything up there. And it's really hard to convince your parents to drive six hours to spend that much money on "toys."

Now that I've growed up and have a real job and live in civilization I can buy my own toys.

I have a 2000pt Black Legion offshot that's entirely footsloggers and walkers. It's great for Cities of Death. I'm starting an Eldar army because the idea of an elite shooty army makes me tingly.

After that I'll be getting back to a WHFB army because that's what originally interested me 'lo those many years ago. Probably Druchii.

After that, I'm planning a conversion using Inquisitor range Space Marines to make models of the Primarchs.

I like to keep busy.

I'm also the guy who caught the first plagirist in the warherald fan fic site.

That's enough narcissism.