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    Aye and Forsooth!

    Greetings and salutations! *smirk and sloppy salute* I am Windraker007 and quite insane to boot. :w00t: Aye and forsooth, I'm looking into possibly garnishing my wages and investing in a necron army, but i'm still torn between them and the awe inspiring imperial guard. I have become interested in Warhammer 40k due to DoW: Dark Crusade, which Ickebeebon hooked me on... Great-eth, another place for me to waste my monies.

    Second off... as mentioned about 4 lines before, I play DoW: Dark Crusade. As much as I'm trying to not lose interest playing every race on every difficulty setting, I find myself continuously drawn to the Necrons, for sheer fact that they are naught but a bunch of robots whom are equipped with gauss rifles and a mega-cannon monolithic structure which moves.

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    Well welcome librarium online... so Ickebeebon brought you here did he? That crazy, crazy blighter... Well, you being crazy and all, you should fit in well with the majority of people on here, theres a brilliant section of the site devoted to necron players, many of whom are very experienced and can offer really good tactics and strategies and help with army lists, and also just hang out and discuss fluff and stuff. Be sure to read the forum rules, blah, blah, blah... Oh, reading the stickies is always a good idea, becuase if you don't, there is a good chance you'll miss out on some really important information and start up a thread thats been asked 100 times before, or thats already been answered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Bogan
    Teno, you are so godlike I almost creamed my pants!
    Tenozuma - The Burninator... I came, I saw, I posted.
    Dark Eldar player.

    Feel free to PM if you want any advice or help with anything.
    Assume everything I say has a "what I think" disclaimer.

    Hang out with all the other Aussie and NZ members at The ANZAC Clan.
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