Hey Everyone

I have been collecting Space Marines for quite a few years now off and on.. However, I've barely painted them. In fact... I have 92 figures and probably around 8 vehicles and not one is complete. The Devastator Squad and the Assault Squad I started look amazing though. The dreadnaught I carved battle scars onto and slightly modified looks really good too. I'm also putting a great deal of effort into developing iconography, background stories, everything. One of the biggest challenges I'm having (compounded by the fact that I'm building my own chapter) is knowing the intricacies in the rules. The Space Marine Codex seems so vague at times.

For example:

a Terminator costs 40 pts... upgrade his storm bolter to an Assault Cannon for +20. Give him a Chain fist at +5. The wargear section states that the wargear point limit is 100pnts. Terminator armor is 25 pnts. Does this mean my terminator now would cost 90pnts or is the armor already included leaving the points at 65?

If anyone's willing to help out a noob as I travel the trail of Chapter Building, that'd be great. I have msn, I'm willing to listen to patient, experienced Space Marine Chapter Builders. The journey will be long and arduous, but in the end, it will be worth it I am sure.

Thanks much.

General Hillius