peace to the LO crew
you can call me ox
first off id like to go ahead and say this is NOT my first time at LO
i used to be on here a couple years back when i first got into the hobby and i thought id join back up and see whats changed
i play 40k ( IG, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Crimson Fists, 3 DIY Chapters, Emperor's Children, Night Lords, Death Gaurd, Orks, and Ulthwe Eldar), recently got in to Fantasy ( Greenskins, Bretonnia, and Lizardmen), used to play Inquisitor & Mordheim, and am looking at getting into BattleFleet Gothic. I also play DoW and MoC and hope to get ahold of WH Online when it comes out.
I have way too much money invested in GW.
Im also 17, looking at going into the military as an engineer, a little rough around the edges, but all in all i think im a pretty good guy.