Hey all , finally after how long i have scrolled down and found this section !

Well anyways , since i didnt introduce myself before , ill start now ! :w00t:

My name is Tim(othy) V. im 13 , been playing for 3-4 years . Played Space marines from then till now (2000 crappy point army) started various 40k armies such as IG , Tyranids , Necrons , Orks , Eldar . And Orcs for fantasy . Every non-sm army i have is roughly 500-1000 points at the moment .

Im a fairly decent painter , got 4th in young bloodz last year and this year i have been booted up to the regular 40k squad divison because " Your(my) painting skills is not expected form the youngbloods range , its wayy to up there , for that we are booting you up . . " . Have been known to make bit box marines that have been recognized throughout my gamesworkshop community , especially commanders , chaplains and veteran sargents . ( librarian soo nto be done ) . Also have been known to be creative with modelling , converting and colours .

Non GW related - Im in gr8 , roman catholic , Filipino / Chineese ( Asian basically ) , im 13 , im a life guard in training and is a purple belt in karate and knows how to break your arm =D . Proof be needed , ill give you the phone number of the person that tryed stealing my candy on halloween , who got his arm broke , bleeding nose , made him cry for his mom and say that nerds are cool !

With all that being said , im happy to be here on LO !