Found it at last. Spent a stoooopid amount of time trying to find this place, but anyhow, i'm here to introduce myself:w00t:. I'm not to good at coming up with fanciful and eloquent stuff, but here goes.. (deep breath).. my name on this site is ongob. Happy?

If not, read on...

I play both warhammers, but at the moment am gripped by the futuristic side, mainly because of chaos space marines. I guess i am a reasonable painter, and an aspiring sculptor.
At the moment, i am in high school, (working like hell for all the exams). I am pretty easy going, calm and reasonably patient and tolerant. However, i come up with absolutely random stuff every now and them and freak all my friends out.
I have a 2000 chaos fantasy army, and will eventually post my 40k army list to see what the others think.