Hi everyone

I used to be registered here a couple of years ago, but I have forgotten both the user ID and the password. I think it was for my Kroot Mercenary force, under the guise of 'An dai ra bhet' a very loose translation into Thai of 'Dangerous Duck'... ideal for a leader of the "space chickens".

I am known on other forums under the nom de plume's of 'Triturian' and 'Ukko' amongst others and have now assumed the title Motley matelot, taken from my current project - The Motley Matelots a DoW pirate army [Matelot being French for sailor]. I started this project about two years ago, expanding on my Mordheim Pirates warband, but it had to be shelved due to other commitments, but now its back!

I have several armies:
Empire approx 3500pts
Dwarfs approx 1000pts
Beastmen approx 2000pts [using Celtos miniatures to represent a celtic Albion army]
DoW Pirates approx 1500pts and growing

Kroot mercs approx 1200pts

Mordheim Possessed warband
Mordheim Pirate warband

On top of this my three kids have another 9 armies and a couple of warbands.

Luckily the missus doesn't mind the hobby, apart from the expense!!!

Sorry about the length of the post, I tried to inform without boring people.

'til later.