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    Senior Member wolfkin's Avatar
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    Return Of The Wolf!!!

    Well hello (once again) one and all.

    It's been a long time (15 months or so) but finally, Wolfkin is back, and so very happy to be.

    No longer a Mod (understandable given my lengthy absence ) but as willing as ever to jump in and help out.

    An explaination I feel is in order (and this is the SHORT version)...

    15 months ago things went terribly wrong for me. I did make a post regarding such so some of you might be aware of what happened, if your memories serve you.

    I found myself leaving my partner of 13 years, giving up my job and ultimately, finding myself homeless.

    During this time I lost everything... and I mean everything.

    Well, I worked my way back through the system (benefits, homeless hostel etc) and now, at last, I find myself back in pretty much a reasonable lifestyle.

    New job, new home, new woman, even a new location, but same old wolfkin. Well, 1 thing has changed, I no longer own my vast armies. I have but a meagre Terminator based army which I am very happy with.

    So to LO, it's Mods and any members who might have needed my help back then, I offer my sincerest apologies for letting you all down. In my defence, it was unavoidable. I tried for a while to maintain my presence via a friends computer, but it was just not happeneing as the opportunities to get online were so few and far between.

    To be honest, there were times I thought I'd never be back, but sometimes the darkest tunnels have the brightest lights at the end of them. Things are going very well and perhaps life is now better than ever, so please, no sympathies (Y)

    Finally, to any new members that I've never spoken with, simply "hello" I look forward to meeting you

    Many many regards...
    Wolfkin (it feels good to write that name again)


    Terminator Based Custom Chapter

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    Sadomachiatto Karmoon's Avatar
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    for what it's worth Wolfin, welcome back and it's nice to meet you.

    I'm very glad that you've come out of the darkness in once piece and you've got your life back on track.
    I won't pretend to be able to empathise fully, but it's great seeing people overcome difficulties.

    ~ Karmoon
    LO Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Anyone who's as loyal and motivated to doing what they love as you are is respectable in my book
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyric
    I'm taking leave of my senses and shall be out of my mind until further notice.

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    Now with STFU flames! Caluin's Avatar
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    No apologies necessary, wolfkin. I remember your situation from last year, and am happy to hear that things have eventually worked themselves out for you. Glad to have you back on board.

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