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    Waaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhh....er, I mean, Hello :)

    New here and thought I ought to introduce myself.

    Been "into" Warhammer for 12 years or so, since we bought my eldest lad the Space Marines/Ork basic set and he moaned he had no one else to play with.

    Am an Ork freak in case you couldn't guess

    Eldest son is now more into the novels than anything else and his ultramarines are retired.

    Middle son & two steps sons are into it in a big way, so between us we have Ork ,Necron, LOTR, Wood Elves, Dark Elves & BFG - with desires to spread further!

    Have been an ebay ork/gorkamorka buying freak for a long time and a lot of £/$ (used to live in the states, now back in the UK), so much so that I set up a business selling bitz 'n' gubbinz and am now even proud to be a GW reseller (Am I allowed to advertise here? :ninja

    Painting has been avergae till recently - now it's just a tad above it after I discovered ink washes and got better at dry brushing. Entering a piece into the Forgeworld comp at Warhammer world this weekend - I must be nuts!:w00t:

    That's it - WAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome aboard! It's always nice to have forum members with such zeal and passion!

    Please take a few moments to browse the forum rules, so you don't do something silly like post individual points cost in a racist manner whilst simultaneously flaming a supervisor or something.

    If you have any questions just ask

    Do I have to shout as well?... *sigh* very well.. I'm an Alpha Legion player, so,

    LO Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Anyone who's as loyal and motivated to doing what they love as you are is respectable in my book
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyric
    I'm taking leave of my senses and shall be out of my mind until further notice.

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    Always prefered hissing over shouting. Thi'ss... sounds better if you hiss it like gollum...
    enjoy your stay and don't feed the riptor...

    mmm good idea Karmoon.

    generic lynchmob of pathetic creatures 0-1 squad size 5-10
    ws BS S T W A Ld Sv
    2 2 2 1 3 1 2 -
    25pts per model

    unit may upgrade one pathetic creature to idiot for 50 points
    (Ld 3) (yes thats it)

    any generic lynchmob on the table must always roll for
    "fear of anything different" which is a morale test if they fail this test they must charge the nearest area terrein.

    Any opponent may at any time say "hey look over there" and move the generic lynchmob to any place within the store (including under heavy materials such as blocks of cement) and claim victory points for the generic lynchmob.

    now all I have to do is find the nearest mod...
    What is Aurora Prime?
    "behold, I am the flamer, the searing one, the combustion of all spontanious flash fires, I am process" BIG RED BUTTON!

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