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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Allow me to introduce myself, ladies and Gobbos. I am Nakkai_the_Wanderer, but I am also known as Shad at samods.org, a modding site for PC RTSs. I just started rolling into the tabletop game about a year or so ago; was really fascinated by the Lizardmen at the time, and who doesn't like Scaly dinosaur dudes such as these? Coldblooded ensures that units with high leadership such as Saurus don't scamper off with their tails between their legs (sure wish I could say the same for Skinks, but this changes when I end up really lucky with the leadership rolls), and the Scaly Skin gives them decent armour saves (and if the Spawning of Quetzl is given to one unit of Saurus Warriors, it's a lot harder to bring it down).

    My expansion of my Lizardmen army began with a Canadian Campaign known as the Battle of da Bosses, at which point I rolled headlong into the Warhammer craze (even to expanding my Coldblooded ranks further). By the end of the Campaign, I've assembled an army that is about over 2000 points of Lizardmen. But, ever since those days, I've started to roll into liking the other armies, and I've recently gotten the Hordes of Chaos and Dwarfs Army Books since the campaign's end (I happen to have a decent number of Dwarfs numbering around 72 models including the two cannons, and the Tzeentch Horde - which is more like a small warband - is at 12 Chaos Warriors with full command and an Exhalted Champion with a familiar).

    I happen to have a lot of planning for what models I'll be getting for any future armies I assemble (in particular, a Chaos-themed Lizardmen force, a Slaanesh Horde, an Orcish 'Ard-hitting Waaagh!, and a Gothic-themed Dwarf Force which'll involve a lot of converting and green stuff sculpting). I even plan on converting an Oldblood inspired by the character Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts 2 (with six spears plus converting, and maybe some extra sculpting too).

    Gaming-wise, I happen to go with taking full command whenever I can. This is mostly because of my strict feeling of ensuring that I pull through a combat resolution all the way. I played a couple 1000 points games against Ogre Kingdoms back then, lost in each one, and my Scar-Veteran got whooped by Gut-Magic both those times (well that's what happens when you pour points into Magic Items and not pack a Dispel Scroll or two for emergencies); the bright side is that I've got some major ideas as to how I'll roll through another one of those games but certainly not against a big guys army like Ogre Kingdoms (Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, Empire, Greenskins, and Skaven are said to be better opponents for Lizardmen).

    Calculating the points costs of the units is something that I happen to already enjoy, since I happen to have a really crazy initiative of calculating stuff in my noggin (I'm like a walking calculator for my sister whenever she drags me along for shopping, and I'm about 90% or so accurate when it comes to adding up prices; crazy, eh?).

    Well anyways, I'll enjoy my time here and gather up more knowledge for any future gaming I play.

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    Hey mate, welcome to LO. It certainly looks like you know what you're talking about when it comes to WHFB, and you seem to know what you want from the game - great! Head on over to the warhammer forums and share your experiences and opinions, thats what the site is about.

    You should read the forum rules first though (in the quick links tab in the blue bar above) so you know where you stand. Then get right on with posting I can see why you like lizardmen - they look so cool.

    I hope you do indeed enjoy your time here; might pop into the lizardmen forum myself now and again to help decide if they are an army I want to collect/write fluff about - I'm just starting to slowly get into WHFB. PM me if you have any concerns or questions; I'll do my best to help.

    See you on the forums mate,

    "Praise" for rp252:
    Da Mighty Camel:
    No, for your information, rp252 is lonely because he is hideous
    Behind his ugly bloodthirster face, there's some wisdom stored away for moments like this.

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