For my media course I am making a set of graphics and
idents for a Warhammer tournament, and needed some people
to fill in a questionnaire, I would be grateful for a
response, hopefully a serious response. Also note that the tournament isn't real

Please underline your answers

1) How old are you?

0–10 11-20 21-30 31-40 40+

2) Are you?

Male Female

3) Which gaming system would you like a tournament on?

Battle Fleet Gothic Blood Bowl Epic
Inquisitor Lord of the Rings Mordeim
Necromunda Warmaster Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40k

4) Have you ever been to a tournament?

Yes No

If no go to question 6

5) Did you enjoy the tournament?

Yes No


6) What would you expect to see in a tournament advert?

7) Would any of these appeal to you and make you go to a tournament?

Free food Location Price for tournament
Prizes Storyline


Is the storyline for the tournament important?

Yes No


9) What sort of music would you like in the advert?

Blues Classical Electronic Music
Funk Heavy Metal Hip Hop
Jazz Pop Rhythm and Blues

If you just copy the questionnaire and paste it into a reply and
Underline your answers I will be grateful