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Thread: Hullo all

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    Hullo all

    I'm from the UK and am at university at the mo. I mainly play fantasy, a lot of which has to do with playing RP systems, both live and non, and doing training with medievil kit, in short I like playing with swords and big hurtey things!

    In fantasy I mainly play dwarves at the moment (with a bit of success), but am planning a vampire counts army, not sure on bloodline as of yet, and am helping my gf sort her bretonnians (how i found the site in the first place). Still play mordheim every now and again as well.

    Only recently started playing again after about 3 years gap, everythings very very different but I'm slowly getting used to the new system.

    Anyway, good to be here and i hope to chat to people soon!

    aut viam inveniam aut faciam / I'll either find a way or make one.

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    Hey buddy, welcome aboard the merry ship LO. As you're new here you'd better get out yer wallet and go buy the rest of the crew a drink. It'll be expensive mind, there are a couple of thousand of us.

    Welcome to the site mate, hope you enjoy it here. You've probably noticed this is one of the best GW-type hobby forums on the internet, and for a good reason. We have tons of really friendly people who you can chat to and discuss everything hobby related. Also, the site has a wide number of forums, covering everything from painting to tactics to random jokes and funny stuff. Of particular interest to you will be the Dwarf and VC army forums in the WHFB section. Take a peek on the Brettonia forum for advice for your GFs army.

    Be sure to check the Clubs and Clans forum - there are a few roleplayer clans there for you to join and participate in:yes:

    Which Uni are you in mate? What are you studying? I'm just approaching my finals and am bricking it a little (read A LOT!). Will be nice to be qualified and earning in a few months though.

    You should have a read of the forum rules (found here) so you know whats what around here. We have a top-notch moderator staff, so keep tothe rules and you should get along with them very well. If you have any questions or concerns then don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll lend a hand.

    See you on the forums mate!


    "Praise" for rp252:
    Da Mighty Camel:
    No, for your information, rp252 is lonely because he is hideous
    Behind his ugly bloodthirster face, there's some wisdom stored away for moments like this.

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    I'm Back! Koss's Avatar
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    "Muh huh ha ha ha... another soul for me to ensnare!":shifty:

    Welcome to LO man, Its always nice to see a fresh face around here.
    Hopefully you will love these forums as much as I do(A little too much).
    Oh... and Watch out for Krazy Karmoon. LOL:x
    That is not dead which may eternal lie,
    for in strange aeons even death may die.

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