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    Seriously, what ever happened to pogoballs?

    Hello Everyone,

    I apparently failed to notice this subforum my first time posting. So... yeah, I'm retroactively introducing myself - apologies to all of you who have suffered my text without warning.


    So... I played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay as a kid (and by kid, that was late 80's, early 90's) and while I owned a copy of the 3rd Edition WFB book (man those rules kicked butt) I could never get my friends to play nor find the money to have my own army.

    Now that I'm older and making (almost) enough to buy things I want, I figure it's time to catch up on an old hobby. Some would say I'm 'reliving my childhood' but that assumes I had grown up at some point.

    After my coworker held a bunch of 40k games at his house, I FINALLY broke down and started assembling an Eldar army... I like the challenge... too bad I can never win with my fragile little space elves but I figure someday, someday I'll beat my buddy's Dark Angels "FU AND DIE" army (some dark angel hero guy leading 3 squads of terminators that deep strike with certain on turn 1 and three dreadnaughts (one venerable) to 'balance it out').

    Anyway... thanks for the chance to say hello!

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    Hey Toonces, welcome to LO! Don't worry about not posting here immediately; its an optional thing really, just to introduce yourself to the community. You likely know which forums most interest you already, but don't forget to have a good look around as LO has a so much to offer. If you need help with tactics, you should head over to the Eldar Army forum and ask there. Some veteran Eldar players post on that forum and should be able to give you some excellant advice on how to play and win with an Eldar force.

    Please look at the rules (found here) so you know what is expected of LO members and then continue posting. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to PM me and I'll lend a hand. I'll to see you on the forums mate; hope you enjoy the site!

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