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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone,

    i think it is time to introduce myself (after spending alot of time browsing the WH 40k forums).

    I first came into touch with Warhammer 40k three years ago when i was visiting a fellow student. I saw some of his minis and was impressed by the looks of them. I painted my very first model that night
    We played a little game so i could see how 40k works (it took me some time to realize that he was doing all he could to hook me up with this hobby - needless to say that he succeeded). I loved it and so i started to check the available races to see which army i wanted to play.

    I went for the Dark Eldar, because i liked their fluff most. Unfortunately we both finished our study (well, which kinda isn't unfortunate at all ) and our ways parted. So now i had an unpainted Dark Eldar army (no time for painting) and noone to play.
    Like 6 months ago i moved into a new town and was able to find a GW store here. Yay, now i can play some games again (or so i thought) until they said i need to have a fully painted army to be allowed to play at the store .

    In the meantime i had collected Tau as well, also unpainted of course. So i made a decission: I need to play an army which is easy and fast to paint. And in my opinion there is only one army out there which meets both requirements: Necrons.
    Good thing i like the necron fluff alot as well, so i didn't had a problem with buying some models and forming a little 1000 pt army

    Soon all models are painted (only the 6 Destroyers left) and i can play my first Wh 40k game against someone i don't know personally.

    Eeew, wall of text there, anyway, that's kinda all about my WH 40k history.
    I read alot on LO to get an idea on how a necron army should look like. So i also want to thank this great community for helping me and i hope i am able to contribute something myself in the near future.

    Cya around

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    Hey there Crafty! Welcome to LO!

    I'm glad you have opponents to fight against now! Thanks for the history. It's always great to get new members on board.

    Take a bit of time to take a look at the forum rules (in my signature), and if you get a bit more time, the definitely swing by LO chat too.

    If you have any questions or what not, just ask

    Once more, a warm welcome.

    LO Rules

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