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Thread: Big says hi

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    Big says hi


    I'm big, loud, and tend to swear alot in real life (so here's hoping i can bite my tongue and not accidentally say anything stupid in forums.)

    You're my first Warhammer/40K/LotR forum.

    I currently play 40K with Tyranids with a Chaos army on the way (perfect timing too apparently with all those sweet new releases.)

    I also play Uruk'hai in LotR and probably gonna add a goblin army to that as well.

    In the works is also a Chaos army for Fantasy a la nurgle.

    I have alot of friends who work for GW here in Canada and they are all pretty reliable so i get pretty cheesed with how you guys all slam them constantly. They are good people and generally know what they're talking about (well, the people i know anyway, mainly because they have friends from inside GW HQ)

    I also speak french.

    Dats about it.

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    *@!!$^@£ !@(* !@)(£*$&(!£ )*!@)*£. Thats all my swearing for one day. Damned swear filter!

    How are you mate? Welcome to LO, good to have another gamer on the site. Glad to see this is your first major forum for your hobby - you've come the the right place, LO is the best hobby forum on the net:yes:. Take a while to look around and see what forums interest you most. As you play Tyranids and Chaos, you should check those two army forums out in the 40k armies section of the site. Also, be sure to drop in on LO chat and say hello. Its filed with people who are willing to chat/joke/be complete idiots, so please come along and say hi - Link is in my sig.

    Have a read of the forum rules (found here) before you start posting so you know where you stand. If you have any questions or concerns then please send me a PM and I'll lend a hand.

    Hope you enjoy the forum mate, have a good one.


    "Praise" for rp252:
    Da Mighty Camel:
    No, for your information, rp252 is lonely because he is hideous
    Behind his ugly bloodthirster face, there's some wisdom stored away for moments like this.

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