Greetings. I'm MechaEmperor7000. I'm blunt about most things. I play both 40K and Fantasy. I'm currently working on a 2000 pts Eldar Army. I already have 2 chaos armies(500 khorne and 1500 iron warriors), a loyalist space marine army with daemonhunters(so about 3000), a Tau army(1500pts), and (of course) Tyranids(roughly 3000-4000pts). I started about a year ago and have been somewhat unsuccessful in battles(although it's usually due to some bizarre and utterly stupid reason, like getting 4 Terminators killed by 4 Gaunts in one round of shooting). My Grey Knights are my pride and joy(because they are the only troops that have remained undefeated and that they're my best painted models). That's about it. I also like to discuss unorthodox tactics, such as some that are overlooked or simply ignored. I'm also constructing a full Space Marine Chapter.