I've played warhammer since... hmm.. 1997 or something like that. I bought my first models a couple of years before that but I didn't understand the rules =)
I started with WH40k for maybe 4-5 years ago and it's sooo much more fun than Fantasy.
I've played almost every army in Fantasy, but right now it's bretonnia (they're cute). But as I don't enjoy it so much my Eldar (former Ülthwe) get the most of my attention.
Haven't played since the new rules came out though. One reason that I've found 40k much more fun to play is that I lost maybe 1/20 of my games with my Ülthwe army. =)
Well, it seems like I've got to come up with some new strategic manouvres as the new rules are here and that's why I'm here.

Signiging out, Big dawg Anjin