Heya LO.
Just discovered I have an inbox, where I found a link to this from the kind admin.

I've already posted a things here and there (mostly in the wrong forums..), but I thought I'd be good to drop by here.

I'm a danish guy living in belgium, and I mainly play Warhammer Fantasy.
Played Orcs & Goblins and some empire at first, since I bought the starter set in 6th edition. Played with two or three people, but put it on stand-by since everyone was getting into WoW (World of Warcraft). Then a few months ago, I discovered lots of people in my school was playing and decided to pick it up again

At the moment, I've got a solid Von Carstein army, and building up a TK Border Patrols army aswell.

I'm also quite interested in Mordheim and Warhammer 40k but haven't really had time =(
I love scheming and converting my armies, making them unique.

Just a few lines about me, hope to see you around!