Hi , this is more of a re-intro

my name is jesse i used to be a member of L.O. and then w.o.w happened and i lost all interest in anything else .

however upon seeing how wow consumed my life for 2 years i quit last month and started re learning my warhammer and table top gameing roots

my old forum name was mpjesse363 i doubt anyone remembers me, but i am or was and am becomeing again an avid wargamer

currently i play WHFB and 40 k with a little confrontation thrown in because the pretty minis attract my short attention span {rackham has some very talented sculptors}

My collection (if points values are still the same) is as follows

1500 pts. O&G (just a scrap force i pieced togeather from alot of friends who dident want there orcs any more trust me if i was doing the initial buying the minis it would be only goblins lol i dont care if i would loose every game its fun to rp as a gobbo general when the squigs go nuts. i have also just ordered battle for skull pass out of morbid curiosity)

2K pts. Black Templars SM (and yes i play them the fun way with minimum shooting and maximum melee deathitude yay LRC full of termies w 2x LC)

500 pts. world eaters CSM ( started as a painting project turned into a small skirmish force}

sadly thats all the GW minis i have for now {my grey knights, empire ostermark , and Beasts of chaos , have long since met there e-bay doom to feed my destructive addiction to wow)

I do have Assorted rackham minis ,the goblins own, but nothing resembling a battle ready force

and thats about it i look foreward to the tightness this community used to have ( and the heated my army > your army debates as well)

thanks for listening to my rambleing

btw im no english major i do speak bits and pieces of a few languages but my punctuation sucks in all of them so bear with me lol{goofy}