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Thread: ello

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    hi there,

    joined up ages ago but then i had to take a long break from the hobbies due to uni work load. i play BFG [eldar] but finding a BFG oppent is so hard these days so currently my fleet seems to be deignated as moth ball fleet status gathering dust.

    i play dark elves in warhammer fantasy but my fave army of all is my lahmian VC :yes: stike 1st and the ward save hehe.

    just been getting out my skelies and reassimbling the broken modles

    have a current dark angles force still trying to get my head around with the new unit restiction and types for the new codex for them.

    i had an eldar army till the cat thoguht to cew them all up darn thing had to get its stomach pumped at 2amish in the morning 3 yrs back (yes that cat lives now just a very expensive kitty after taking it to the vets that hour of morning)

    currently working on an armoured IG coloum using forge world tank turrents and preaditos as the base for the tanks and using sisters of battle as the tank crews. currently doing up a sisters of battle army to use the modles as dark angles.

    and i live in oz (aus) hi all

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    Hey mate, welcome to LO! Good to see a veteran player with a wide range of experience joining the site:yes:

    And I see you play BFG! Awesome stuff mate; LO has a small but friendly collection of BFG players (myself included) and we're always glad of a new BFG player joining the site. If you fancy a game of BFG over Vassal (an online game playing thing I've yet to work out) I know many of the LO BFGers use it and would be happy to give you a game. Head over to the BFG subforum in the other 40K games section of the site and see whats happening. There are also two BFG clans in the clubs and clans section of the site, and you should check those out as well (let me know if you can't find them and I'll link you directly to them).

    Looks like you have a broad base of experience with the two core GW games. Hopefully you will be able to share your experience with others on the forums; helping them get the most of their armies. Have a good look around the site and see which subforums grab your attention, and be sure to check out the army forums for each of the armies you collect.

    Before you continue posting have a look at the forum rules (found here). Take a few minutes reading them so you know whats allowed here on LO. If you have any questions or concerns (or the uncontrollable urge to talk about BFG!) then don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll point you in the right direction.

    Look forward to seeing you on the forums mate. Hope you enjoy the site!


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    Behind his ugly bloodthirster face, there's some wisdom stored away for moments like this.

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