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Thread: Greetings!

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    Hi everybody,

    Iím new to LO, though Iím a longtime GW gamer. Iíve heard about the site for some time at the local comics/games store (Comic Emporium, Panama City, FL) but I spend so much time in front of the computer for work that I usually donít spend much time online at home.

    I suspect that Iím somewhat unusual as far as 40K players go. Iím 46 years old, happily married for 20 years, with two children (daughters). My wife and daughters all think Iím slightly ďoffĒ because I still play D&D once a week with a group that has been meeting for 20 years and because I paint and ďplayĒ with ďtoy soldiersĒ. But they tolerate my eccentricities fairly well and I usually get Forge World stuff for Fatherís Day, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. so I can live with the occasional strange look.

    As far as job/career, Iím a Program Manager for a weapons system development program for the US Navy. Itís a rewarding job, but thereís a lot of stress and long hours.

    I got into 40K gaming with Rogue Trader in 1987 and having been collecting, painting and fielding armies ever since. Currently I have 1700 painted GW 40K miniatures divided up amongst the following armies:

    Mourning Stars (plain vanilla Marines)
    Stellar Lions (Dark Angels successor chapter)
    Space Wolves
    Witch Hunters (mostly Sisters of Battle)
    Dark Eldar
    Imperial Guard
    Kroot Mercenary
    Chaos (Black Legion)

    I collect/paint figures for each army until I get somewhere over 100 models for the army. This usually lets me play any style I want to. Iím working on the Demonhunters right know, but Iím getting tired of painting Grey Knights marines.

    I also fabricate scenery pieces regularly to support my local gaming group. I really like the City kits that GW came out with about a year ago.

    I play at my local comic/game store on most Saturdays. We usually have 8 to 10 people playing for 6 to 8 hours. Most players get in one or two one-on-one games each Saturday and then we end up with a two-on-two or three-on-three. I consider myself to be an ďaverage qualityĒ 40K gamer. I enjoy playing the game, but I donít have any of my ego tied up in winning or losing. Fortunately for me, most of the guys at the local store fall into the same category.

    Along the way Iíve also added several other GW games that I play intermittently. Including Epic, Man Oí War, and Warhammer Fantasy, Battlefleet Gothic, and Space Hulk, and LOTR. I played my first game of Aeronautica Imperialis this past weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit. It reminded me of Man Oí War which is one of my favorite GW games.

    As far as other hobbies go I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, go snorkeling with my kids, take in the occasional movie, DM for my D&D gang, and hang out with my greyhound, Jack.

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    Welcome th the Fourm dansum. Its nice to have a wide range of ages on this site. I myself am turning 30 in a few days here :x . And I have also been playing 40K off and on sence about 89-90. Of course I was a snot nosed kid back then, but we all have to start somewhere.

    I myself am starting to get into the building of terrain, scenery and tables. And I am really enjoying it. My GF is a little older then me but she accepts that I like anime and 40k. And she is really supportive (and tollerent) of my hobbies.

    Its so nice to have people who remember the 'good old days' when the Emperor was on the Golden Throne because ruling the Galaxy was a hard days work. And when Dark Angels where Black.

    I also played alot of SpackHulk and Epic back in the day. Great games I reckons.

    Please remember to read the rules for the fourm here and have a blast posting here.

    I love all your armies you got especially chaos ( can't wait for the new codex to come out) and IG ( I love tanks). The fourms here for all those armies are easly accessiable and full of very knowledgeable people.

    I hope you enjoy your time on LO :yes:
    FluffMaster on a mission to turn people to the Sisters of battle, yes folks it's all about SoB squads in Repressors with lots of flamer templates for the win.

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