Hello, I've been into 40k about a year now. Some of you might recognize me from Bolter and Chainsword. I had heard about LO and decided to visit, much to my glee.

What do I have? Well, I'm finishing the painting on my Ultramarines which is currently at 1000 points.

My Iron Warriors used to be my main army, but I want some space marines too. 1500 points, and very strong. Y'know, cheese, bassies, oblits, the goods.

Anyway, after spending numerous amounts of time pouring over many chapters of space marines, the vigilance and honour of the Ultramarines just kept me(And blue+yellow has always gotten me for some reason). And so it is, I've settled down with them, and my army is growing steadily.

I'll post some pictures after my wife finishing touching up my guys. I'm a miserable painter, I mean I could barely get by with tabletop standard. Impatience with it mostly, but she loves it, so it all works out.

Oh yeah, she plays Salamanders and Witch-hunters(primarily Nuns with Guns, figures). I beat her with my IW, but beating her isn't the best idea for us playing together.