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    My real name is Ted Torre-Bueno. I just celebrated my 31st birthday. I live in San Diego, Southern California.

    Karnak the Betrayer is the name of the Chaos Lord who leads my mortal chaos list. I could put 3,000 points on the table without too much trouble but right now I am concentrating on building a deadly fast 2,250 point list as this is the level of the Rogue Trader tournaments in my area. My army is almost entirely mounted, I rely on positioning and maneuver to eliminate my enemy's rank bonuses as I have practically none of my own.

    Where I play magic tends to be relatively light (though I still run 2 lvl 2 Beastman Shamans with three dispel scrolls between them), but characters are often very powerful. I started running a Chaos Lord after a friend of mine showed up with a Chaos Lord on a Dragon and I had nothing that could stand up to it.

    I just started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle for the first time in 6th edition. I swore if the Chaos figs ever looked like the art depicting them I would play chaos. I love the new figs and thus my army was born. I play to win and I design the most effective army I can, but I despise cheating and poor sportsmanship. My friends assure me my army is not "cheesy", but privately I have doubts. So far I have ten games under my belt against Chaos, Empire, Dwarves, Night Goblins, and Beastmen. From these I have eight wins and two draws.

    I used to play Space Marines as well but I gave up on 40K during the last edition when the rules kept changing from one week to the next. I got tired of having to lug around a spiral ring binder as thick as a set of encyclopedias just to have all the current rules on hand, and having my models become illegal, and so on. I glanced at the new edition of 40K, found it to be thoroughly uninteresting, and decided that fantasy was my new passion.

    It looks like you all have a wonderful site here, with intelligent discussion and great moderators. I look forwards to meeting you all.

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    hey Ted, Welcome to LO!
    I hear you on the last edition(two even) of Warhammer 40K, now what GW has taken to doing is invalidating armies with codex revision rather than rules revisions. Though the jump from 3rd to 4th really neutered a lot of assaulty armies out there with the new balance.

    I still have hope for 40K.

    I've been dabbling with some fantasy battle and haven't really played it so can't be hooked yet. (thank god, I don't have THAT much money)

    LO is indeed a great site filled with a wide variety of people, all in different stages of the hobby, Hope to see you around the pages!


    BTW, just to be on the safe side, when you have a moment, check out the forum rules so you don't accidentally bring a Mod's thunder down upon you unwittingly. They can be found above under the quick links pull down menu. :
    W/D/L Eleventy trillion billion/NONE/ NONE - I am STILL rulezor!

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