Althriel looked at his squad, "here come those stupid Ultramarines brothers, we shall kill the Smurfs before.....Gak!"

"He called us Smurfs Sergeant Apathos...."
"Aye Brother Stavian, he did. But lo, hast thou looked closely."
"Put me down you human oaf..."
"Listen up maggot, you referred to my brothers as 'smurfs', I can't take that insult lying down."
"Well stand up then, smurf, and how's papa smurf, still sitting on his white throne?"
"My Lord Macragge is healthy, I'd thank you for asking but I know you were just being a sarcastic little pointy eared xeno."
"Hey, what's with the personal insults."
"You started it, you called us 'Smurfs'".
"Only because you look like smurfs."
"Haha, that's rich, you're the one in the blue suit and white pointy hat..."
"He.. He's right."

Apathos put the 'smurf' down, "run xeno before I stop laughing....
And behold, the Dire Avengers shall forever now become known as the Smurfs.