Listen up, nametags.

Im sick of really stupid, inane crap being posted here. This is supposed to be a damn "JOKE AND FUNNY STUFF" forum, but I find more cheer in a morgue, to be frank, than the majority of your weak lame offerings.

So here is a bit of help for you. Start by reading these sites:

Something Awful: The Internet Makes You Stupid

And for those of you who are actually of legal age, the random board of 4chan, or 7chan. If you nooblets dont know what that is...well. Theres no hope for you.

Go and read, and see what is funny. Images that are artfully photoshopped, or are just damned personally embarrassing. Theres a great one on SomethingAwful, in the thread "Images that make you go **** YEAH!" or similiar, about a guy on the forums getting completely owned.

Note that posted lame, sad chain emails is in fact lame and sad. Dont do it. It makes baby Jebus cry.