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    101 Reasons Why WHFB is Better Than Your Favourite Band.

    taken from the website of my local wargaming club

    101 Reasons Why WHFB is Better Than Your Favourite Band.

    By Greg ‘I own Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits’ Caldwell

    1. The British Phonographic Industry won't take you to court for illegally downloading WHFB files.

    2. Your mum/wife has never asked you to 'turn down that racket' about WHFB.

    3. WHFB is marginally more worth the RRP than a £13.99 album from HMV.

    4. WHFB will never sell out to MTV.

    5. Nu Metal will just never be cool accept it but WHFB might one day.

    6. WHFB inspired tattoos are so much cooler.

    7. You can't paint your favorite CD.

    8. She'll think your little soldiers are cute. But she'll dump you when she finds out about your Bee Gees collection.

    9. WHFB quotes are so much better than your list of Dolly Parton quotes.

    10. WHFB is like one of a handful of wargames. The music industry is so overcrowded.

    11. WHFB will never cancel a game because of laryngitis.

    12. WHFB event tickets are cheaper than those last Robbie Williams’ ones you bought.

    13. You'll always 'get lucky' with WHFB eventually.

    14. You'll never catch yourself singing along to WHFB.

    15. WHFB is the solution to all lives problems.

    16. What other hobby involves dice and measuring tapes, two of the coolest things in the world?

    17. I respect you more for playing WHFB.

    18. WHFB won't ever be mentioned on big brother.

    19. WHFB won't ever give birth to a pop idol format TV show.

    20. WHFB respects you.

    21. WHFB will never duet with Celine Dion.

    22. WHFB has already cracked America.

    23. WHFB is to oranges as your favourite band is to pears.

    24. Can you imagine a world without WHFB?

    25. WHFB may contain nuts.

    26. You've spent more on WHFB this year that your band's last three albums, what does that tell you?

    27. WHFB will never release a ballads album with Sting.

    28. You can always make out the words in WHFB.

    29. WHFB likes you for who you are.

    30 You'll never buy a floor length leather jacket to look cool for a WHFB event.

    31. WHFB is not hypoallergenic.

    32. WHFB doesn't come with a parental warning.

    33. I bet you didn't think I would get this far. WHFB gave me the will.

    34. WHFB may help weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.

    35. WHFB has nothing to do with The Eurovision Song Contest.

    36. A Games Workshop carry case is easier to carry around than a guitar case.

    39. There is no reason to mp3 your WHFB collection.

    40. WHFB laughs in the face of iPod.

    41. WHFB isn’t child friendly

    42. Hippies don't approve of WHFB

    43. There is no WHFB polyphonic ringtone.

    44. You won't see a low budget TV ad for WHFB.

    45. Commercial radio stations are too scared to add WHFB to their playlists.

    46. Jonathan Ross will never say ‘warhammer’.

    47. Playing WHFB allowed you to meet me, and isn't that the most important reason?

    48. WHFB models aren't useless if they get scratched.

    49. If I hit you with a metal dreadnought or a CD what would do more damage?

    50. WHFB could get into Fort Knox; it just doesn’t see why it should.

    51. Liberals don't approve of WHFB

    52. WHFB has its own complete encyclopedia.

    53. WHFB was invented in Nottingham can your favourite band say that?

    54. WHFB is not suitable for vegetarians.

    55. Does your favourite band let you humiliate unlucky people?

    56. It's official there is now more warhammer sites on the Internet than porn.

    57. With WHFB batteries aren't included.

    58. WHFB gives you an excuse for abusing solvents.

    59. Buying stuff in a hardware store is fun.

    60. Finally all the things you learned watching Tim 'the tool man Taylor' Allen on Home Improvements can come in useful.

    61. WHFB may stain.

    62. Researching painting schemes for daemonettes can be interesting.

    63. Your favourite band is not a good excuse to buy a mini-anvil, WHFB is.

    64. Carlsburg don't do hobbies but if they did they'd look a lot like beautiful models playing WHFB.

    65. BBC’s Time Commanders isn't quite as interesting if you don't play WHFB.

    66. WHFB always leaves the toilet seat up.

    67. WHFB now in 57 varieties.

    68. Can your favourite band do this? WHFB can.

    69. If Chuck Norris lowered himself to play a wargame it would be WHFB.

    70. Jesus was a wargamer.

    71. WHFB helped bring video games like Dark Omen, Dawn of War and Fire Warrior into this world, what has your favourite band done recently?

    72. GW stores are more interesting than HMV.

    73. You don’t need a digital music player to enjoy WHFB on the move.

    74. WHFB is Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible.

    75. WHFB developers make Microsoft look competent.

    76. WHFB is a rich blend of the finest Colombian beans.

    77. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the GW store.

    78. Even the Betty Ford Clinic can’t cure a wargaming addiction.

    79. Playing an air guitar or rolling air dice, one will get you pitied by people in the street but which?

    80. Eat WHFB, Sleep WHFB, Drink Irn Bru.

    81. If WHFB were a country it would be the USA, if your favourite band were a country it would be Canada.

    82. Churchill invented WHFB, although he initially called in WWII.

    83. The only things to survive a nuclear explosion are, duct tape, cockroaches, the WHFB hardback rulebook and the memory of how much your favourite band sucked.

    84. If two trains leave two stations 230 miles apart and are both traveling at 100 kph when will your favourite band be in tune?

    85. WHFB – I’m loving it.

    86. WHFB once told Sir Alan Sugar he was fired.

    87. …then it told him to take Donald Trump’s P45 to him.

    88. WHFB isn’t going to heaven, neither is your favourite band but WHFB isn’t going because it has decided only the Lord of the Underworld is a worthy enough opponent.

    89. If WHFB were a car it would be a 2005 Ford Mustang with a 6-liter, 12 cylinder engine and 40-inch rims. Your favourite band would be a Skoda, in gray.

    90. WHFB is rust resistant.

    91. The 11th Commandment was ‘thou shall play WHFB’, but the Catholic Church suppressed it.

    92. WHFB could solve the Da Vinci Code.

    93. They were going to make a WHFB movie but the British Board of Film Classification was reluctant to make a R40 classification certificate for just one movie.

    94. It is bad luck to walk under a copy of the WHFB hardback rulebook, because I might drop it on your Nu Metal loving head.

    95. WHFB wrote the script to Brokeback Mountain although before it was changed by Hollywood it actually involved taking dozens of people and breaking their backs mainly for WHFB’s own amusement.

    96. If the road to hell is littered with good intentions then WHFB is on a completely different road.

    97. There is a secret amendment to the American constitution that says if neither the president nor vice-president is fit to assume the presidency then WHFB takes over.

    98. WHFB is tested on animals.

    99. WHFB can work out the exact value of Pi. Your favourite band would be lucky to know the difference between Pi and pie.

    100. WHFB was the second gunman, the one on the grassy knoll.


    101. If you play your favourite band’s albums backwards you hear satanic messages, if you read the WHFB rulebook upside down and from back-to-front it makes no sense, because it can only be read on way, the right one!

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    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> I know he is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> He usually is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> Sometimes it's intentional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arklite View Post
    62. Researching painting schemes for daemonettes can be interesting.
    hehe, I actually got into an argument with my gaming buddies about the color of my daemonetts nipples and if they were painted the right shade of nippleness.
    When life gives you lemons, beat it over the head and take its wallet.

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    WHFB respects me, ive been tryin to preach that for years!

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    :cry: This list is GOD!!!

    Also, WHFB taught me to love again.
    Pain is life, while I feel pain I still live, and while I still live I will seek vengance.
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    Better than Guns N' Roses? I think not. Sweet Child O' Mine>All! Plus, I don't play FB so my music does win...


    I'm back.

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    Jesus was a wargamer.....LOL!!!! :w00t: I almost peed when I saw that.
    If anybody disagrees with me Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you in the face.....not really. But wouldn't it be cool?


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