Life's busy, what with all those games of Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battle to play. Then there's the periodic D&D or White Wolf get together. Once you've met these primary demands on your life, you find yourself forced to make time for secondary concerns, like loved ones, cleaning the house, school maybe, and perhaps even a job, the primary purpose of which is supporting your gaming habit. Contemporary life places numerous demands on us poor gamers, and now you've gone and complicated matters by finding Librarium Online.

At this point, it's only fair to warn you that LO burdens its members with a severe addiction, the cure for which has yet to be discovered, but don't let this worry you. You'll adapt, and the rest of your life will fall in place as you explore the vast terrain of LO and mingle with its many similarly wargame-addled denizens.

What you need is a guide, something to assist you as you navigate LO, something to help you control your addiction.

LO is truly a vast forum with a great many functions and utilities that novice users easily overlook, yet these functions are part of what make LO so enjoyable.

After you've registered, three things should demand your immediate attention.
  1. First, enjoy yourself and go straight to the area that interests you most. If it's Ogre Kingdoms that gets you your kicks, start posting there and meet the people. We're all here to talk about a hobby we love, right?

  2. Second, read the rules. While you're there, go ahead and browse through the rest of the FAQ, but pay particular attention to the rules. If you have questions, check back here.

    Now here you may be thinking, "Geesh, what is this? Am I going to get sent to the principal's office if I break a rule?" Fair enough, but consider LO's position. We're all here, from around the globe, to talk about our hobbies, and that means we're here more or less for entertainment. Establishing some rules simply makes things so smoothly and helps ensure that LO is a quality site that people of any age and background can enjoy.

  3. Third, assume your online identity! You'll want to explore your User Control Panel.


Click on this link to access your User CP. The first four options are where you'll input your personal information, but eventually, you'll want to take some time to explore the other options as well. Whatever you do, don't skip over "My Profile." More on that later.

You need an avatar, the image that appears below your name and identifies you as, well, you.

Most users pick one and stick with it. You'll have to size the avatar down to 80 x 80, and it can't be animated. Changing avatars is easy if you feel the need to assume another identity.

Once you've crafted your LO identity, check out your personal profile. This is where people will leave you messages and view the information you placed in your User CP. You access your profile, or anybody else's, by doing one of two things. Clicking on someone's avatar will take you directly to his or her public profile; clicking on someone's name will access a drop down menu with the option of viewing that same profile.

At this point, you're off and running. All you need now are some general tips.
  • Introduce yourself. Scroll down on the main forums page and you'll find a forum to say hello to the other members and start your foray into the jungle of LO.
  • Scroll all the way up and all the way down. There's a lot of information on LO, a lot. Take time to scan it all.
  • Familiarize yourself with the User Help forums. Site Feedback & Support is where you'll pose technical questions about LO.
  • Now that you've scanned it all, mouse over text. If it's text and on one of the forum index pages, there's a good chance you're looking at a hyperlink. Click it and see where you land.
  • Check out LO Chat. It's a good way to meet some of the regulars and enjoy live conversation about your hobby.
  • Visit your Public Profile regularly. As you meet people, you'll add buddies and find that people have you added you to their buddy lists. Meeting like minded people is what LO's all about.
  • Learn about the rep system. If someone makes a good post, give them some positive rep. Eventually, people will start repping you, too, especially if you make well-written, constructive posts that add to the conversation. And don't get too caught up in accumulating a pile of rep in a short time. You'll notice that many people with loads of rep have been around for ages. Remember, LO's addictive. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Listen to the mods. They're volunteers who strongly support LO and want to see it continue as a strong forum. Don't take it personally if you're corrected. It's happened to us all.
  • Feel free to disagree, just keep it respectful. It's how we'd want others to treat us after all, right?
  • Upload some pics to the Showcase. It's where members store pics of their favorite models and get feedback on their painting.
  • Explore, explore, explore. Check out general discussion or some other area you may not frequent that often. Read some people's fiction or check out their art.
  • Get involved! There are painting contests, Votewars for both 40K and WHFB, Arenas of Death, and forum based combat. Pit your wiles against other members and enjoy the fun.
  • Ultimately, enjoy yourself. It's all about having a good time discussing something we all love, games. And if you find yourself addicted to LO when it's all said and done, don't say we didn't warn you!