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Thread: Sig characters?

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    Sig characters?

    Let me engage in a brief series of storytelling.

    It all started on LO Chat, talking to Phoenix about the WHFB VoteWar we have currently started,

    I thought to myself, why not make an advertising link, so we can get more people interested in this VW?. So I did. I decided to write up a sentence-long blurb about the VW, enlarge it and make it look interesting, readable etc. I added it to my Sig, removing my backlog to give it room, then I got an error I hadn't recieved in a while.

    The message I was was "Your Sig cannot be more than 600 characters including BBCode Markups". So I thought fair enough, my Sig is getting a little large, so I purged the sentence about the dice, I got rid of my "post momento" and I got rid of the links in my Sig to a couple of various Social Groups.

    This all worked very well, until I decided that my Sig looked a little empty, then I thought maybe I could reintroduce the link to the LO NZers Social Group, and maybe get away with having less than 600 characters.

    Then, the event happened. The event that prompted me to post here. The error I got was slightly different. This one read "Your Sig cannot be more than 300 characters excluding BBCode Markups."

    This is what confused me. Less than 10 minutes before, the limit had been 600 characters including the BBCode stuff. This, in turn got me thinking:

    *Have I fallen out of favour with a higher power of LO?
    *Has a change occurred to the site in the 10 minutes I decided to add the link?
    *Did I read the first message wrong perhaps as I have previously done in exams and so forth?
    *Has Ted the LO Chat ghost returned to wreak his vengeance upon a mere mortal who knows very little of him?
    *Or is there another answer of which I am not aware?

    Any help from a wiser member than myself would be very much appreciated.


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    I don't have an answer to this myself, although I have had some weird things happen with my signature on occasions. Maybe this table helps?

    Features Subscriber Regular
    Maximum Characters in Signature Including BBCode Markup 600 300 Maximum Characters in Signature Excluding BBCode Markup 300 150 Maximum Lines in Signature 5 5

    Perhaps it's just giving you the wrong error message? Perhaps you went over five lines or something, and the forums just interpret that as being over the character limit instead...?

    I have no idea really.

    Maybe can find an answer for us! (Yay for the new smileys!)
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