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    Anoying new layout

    Posting this since i got an email from LO about the new design saying that people like it - well i disagree

    Its not faster - it is slower.

    Way to much ad stuff on the page - was fine when it was at the side of the page but now you have to scroll down a whole page worth before you get to anything other than ads.

    When you go to a topic again the ads interupt what your here for - i know they help pay for the site but they have overtaken it where as before they were noticable (and i did look at the ones i liked) but not in your face and blocking what you want. The way the posts are displayed means you get less on a page and since they now dont line up it makes it harder to read one post to the next following the convo.

    I'm sorry to post this as i have come to love LO over the last 2 months but i logged on today after being away and hated all the changes. ( i do hope i have completed every section on the 3rd attempted since i didn't fill in prefix on first and then forgot to reput in the verification )

    Oh and im sure all these changes to how you start a thread are good to people who want to make a complex thread but not to people who just want to make a normal one .

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    Here's the commentary thread on the new layout.

    http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ml#post1612662 (Updated Forum)
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Closed Thread

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