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    Odd Browser Behavior

    While surfing the boards I encountered a pop-up message box, which was kinda out of the blue as I did not load a new page, but was amidst typing a reply to a thread. I simply ignored it (my bad) and so I do not recall it's exact wording.. but it was to the effect of "Congratulations Visitor, you have won [Sweet Savory Trap]. Click Okay to [be Trapped]" <-(Luckily I learned that lesson from Admiral Ackbar)

    Then again, later, while still typing in the same thread, I noticed one of the other threads I tabbed open but had not yet viewed was constantly going through bouts of loading (refreshing?), until my speakers informed me "You've won!" Which then, that tab was redirected to a non LO web address, without any interaction on my behalf to direct my browser to do so (It's alive!) Again, stupid me, my compulsive reaction was to close it before I thought to copy the addy. Again, I'm sorry about that.

    I thought this may be worth bringing to (your) attention, as I have never experienced this behavior while surfing LO before, nor have I visited any untrusted sites or engaged in any questionable activity (opening attachments I was not expecting, etc..)

    Cheers this one's on me for taking your time to read this evidence barren post. If it happens again, I'll fight impulse, and do the right thing.. and at least take a screenshot!

    EDIT: I think it may be related to an advert, since I refreshed the thread (and subsequently the advert hosted at the top), I have not noticed any unusual behavior. Perhaps if something similar happens to someone else, they'll be canny enough to do what I did not, and provide some actual information. If so, I'm certain I'd be able to spot the culprit in a line up!

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    Thanks for reporting. Try fill the form here and also take a screenshot and send to post@librarium-online.

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