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    Weird posting issues

    Every time I post replies I am having some weird issues. When I hit the submit button the page will look as if it processing the submission but will hang saying it is waiting for in the bottom left of the screen. Now I have left this screen for 20 minutes and it just hangs there. Weird thing is though if I open up a new mozilla tab and check the thread it does not indicate the thread has updated on the main forum page but when I go into the thread it has indeed been updated with the new post.
    it appears you have some problems with thread updating and the hanging submit page is a serious pain in the backside.



    Edit: Guess what, yep it did exactly the same thing with this post and this was a new thread post not a reply.

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    I am having the exact same problem myself. Whenever I post something, my reply will process relatively quickly, and will appear on the page, keeping in mind that the quick reply function is being used, and then when I retun to the forum of which the thread is located, it will not appear that I had posted at the time at which I had. It will happen with this post I am certain, however, when I am posting a new thread, and return to the forum, the thread will appear, at the time at which it had been created.

    Closing down IE, and then reopening it and returning to LO is the only way for it to yield a response, and, along with rikimaru, when I open a new tab it has indeed been updated with the reply or thread.

    It would be good if someone could get to te bottom of this, as everynow and then, I keep thinking my posts have not registered at all.

    Good Hunting.
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