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    Refreshing the tyranid fourms

    Hello Mighty overlords Librarium online

    I, Horowitz Tal, jy2, Heirodule, Hive Fleet Macarbe would like to request both a reboot of two of the current stickies in the Tyranid forums and the adding of at least 3 topics to the stickies (Two in the main tyranid thread and one in the Tyranid Army Lists subfourm)

    The Topics we would liked refreshed are
    The Frequently Asked Questions about tyranids and Tyranid Unit Tactica

    Both are out of date and are based on the 4ed codex of the tyranids. If you wish i will take it upon myself (with the input of the aforementioned people and others in the forum) to Post updated versions of both topics and with your approval they can just replace the old topics

    In regards to adding topics to the Stickies there are three fantastic posts two of which were started by Hive Fleet Macarbe and one by Heirodule

    Tyranid Beginners Guide

    Heirodules basic Do's and Dont's for the Tyranids

    Its simple and effective FAQ's like these that solve 90% of peoples questions/problems before they even ask them. I hope you read both topics and if you do i think you will see that these two posts should be read by everyone new to tyranids and could be even helpful to veterans as well.

    The final Post we would like you to add to the Stickies is located in the Tyranid Army Lists subfourm and is
    The Tyranid list builder

    This great topic allows less experienced players to request specific army lists from the veterans of the community, This allows people to see how to create synergy between tyranids units and guides them to build better lists and i think at the last count it is up to 581 pages, so its popularity is undeniable, i hope you will be able to look into this topic as well and see how useful it is.

    If you have any questions regarding this request please pm me

    peace out


    edit. I decided to start the new Frequently asked questions about tyranids, its basically a replacement and im sure it will grow, ill will begin a new tyranids units tactica and have it ready in the next few days

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