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    I'm having trouble accessing LO from my home computers. I have a Macintosh running OS9 and IE 5.1.7 and a Dell running WinXP and IE 6.0.2 and I connect through a Road Runner cable modem. 2 weeks ago, I could load the site fine on either computer. Within the last two weeks, the page has stopped loading for me. When I follow bookmarks, type in the url, or try to click via links in Google, the loading bar just slowly creeps up, but nothing actually loads.

    I can access the site fine from work, where I am on a Dell with Win2K and IE 6.0.2. The only real difference between this Dell and the one at home is the OS and the connection (T1 at work).

    I've cleared my temp internet files on both computer, deleted all cookies on both, ran any windows updates for the Dell, loaded the newest IE on the Mac, and rebooted both PCs and cable modem. I haven't had any trouble with other sites I've tried, and even other forum sites load without a problem. The only thing I can think of is we got digital phone through Time Warner 2 weeks ago, and a new modem, but I doubt that would affect anything (especially one website, all websites I would think was the modem, but not one).

    Has anyone else had trouble loading this site? I can load the LoFi version just fine, so I can reach the site, just can't load the graphic intensive one.

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    -Arnoldunit Schwarzenecronegger; when questioned about the impending doom he would rain down upon the heads of his doomed enemies.

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    I'm going to look into whats causing this and then get back to you
    Blackhat's new blog network for terrain crafters!

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