Hello! This is Fire Caste Commander Divine Hunter reporting, you may know me as O'Dev'n!

I noticed this thread at the bottom and immediately had to express my feelings about this site.

I love it! For the most part...

1. Great organization! If I want to find something, I generally can! Post are easy to find and well divided. The system for submitting army lists is also the best around, way too many other forums let people label however they want! It's so hard to find a specific list! The system for read and unread messages is excellent! Although I have noticed some problems after the recent makeover...

2. The moderators! They are active and react quickly in the fact of st00pid threads. Responding to PM's have been a bit lax IMO though...

3. The members! Most of you are a pretty laid back bunch who just want to help. A little too laid back though maybe...It's cool to have a convo really get heated but sometimes you can't get anyone to say anything!

Those were the good points along with why I said "For the most part..."

One thing I don't like though, is the lack of "fiction" and fiction readers!
But that is kinda petty in the face of one of the best 40k sites I've found.

Thanks for a great forum!

Shas'o Tau Dev'n Kauyon