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Thread: Wits end

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    Wits end

    This site grinds me so much, but it is the only one with steady stream of participants that I've been on. My behavior in the past has been self-destructive, feeding off negative response of mods and "senior" poster. I reformed and have been posting for a whole week without a problem, then I get hit with negative mark on my reputation for talking, get this, about FLUFF. Who does that? Serious, I am on my wits end. Several senior poster think they are mods then several mods think their GOD and are very full of themselves. Not all of you, but the ones I've dealt with. This reputation system is completely baseless, promoting just as much bad behavior as good behavior. I feel that even writing this, I am about to get stepped on. This site promotes nothing but order and absolutely very little fun. Man loosen UP!
    • So what if a topic goes off the hinge, let the starter ask for it get back on track.
    • Let certain posts stay in their genre/race, becauce as soon as a mod moves them, it dies.
    • Get rid of the reputation system because members like to act like mods manipulating through this.
    • Close the system to SO that mods can only use it.I'll probably get banned for this but it can't be helped.
    I know I am preaching to choir, but I had to let this out even though I am sure people will come out of the wood works to prove me wrong.

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    I’m sorry to hear that you feel the system here at LO is unfair. We try to keep this a place for everyone with a friendly and open atmosphere, but sometimes opinions do clash, and then the only thing you can do is to back down and say, well, this is not a matter important enough for me to lose sleep over. This is an online forum, and sometimes people will disagree with me, and so what? This forum should not have any influence over your offline life; if it does, then perhaps you need to take a break away to get your breath again.

    From what I can deduce from your reputation, the reason why you got badrepped was not merely for posting fluff, but for posting unsupported fluff theories in an inappropriate section, in an inappropriate thread, and after a senior member and the original poster had asked you to please stick to the topic of the thread and not lead it off course. You have to respect when other members say not to go off-topic.

    I know being badrepped isn’t funny, but if there is the slightest possibility that it might be well deserved, you should reflect on it for a moment and then move on to write some really good posts to get back the lost rep, rather than focus intensely on it. I’ve been badrepped a few times myself, but I have never removed badrep from my own rep score, even if it was left by trolls or members unhappy with my decisions as a mod. Instead I have sat down and wondered about what I could do to make my posts better in the future.

    As for getting rid of the reputation system, I doubt it. It seems to be rather popular. We have already modified it so that only members of some standing can leave badrep, preventing too much unreasonable badrepping. Besides, what can the rep system really do to you, other than let you know when you write posts that are either particularly good or bad? You won’t be banned for having a low rep score, nor will you be crowned the king of LO for a good one. Enough good rep can help you be allowed access to the Enhanced user group, but then again, so will particular good behaviour and/or subscribing to LO. The only thing rep really does is to place little stars next to your name, and frankly that’s not something to lose sleep over.

    As for complaints about other members, you can always contact one of the moderators and have them look at the situation. If you feel a moderator has been out of line, then contact a supermod or supervisor. Even the mods have to follow the rules, after all. We are not gods. However, this is not a democracy either, and sometimes one has to be tough to be fair.

    "Girls are nice and cuddly on the outside, and freaky on the inside." ~ Lost Nemesis.

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