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Closed Thread
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    ok, some body closed my thread for no reason...

    OK, unless the worlds gone weird, new stuff on DWARVEN models, should be be able to post in the DWARF forum, but no, i should post FACT in the rumours forum... yeah right, the way i see it the 'rumours' system, is for rumours! not fact! i've seen the actual proper models in plastic, and i was posting in the dwarf forum, about almost all the dwarf things now being plastic, includeing the organ gun the cannon and the flame cannon, and their all gonna be round about the £12 mark, and this comes from the design studio itself! trust me, i've been in side it! and so i'm telling dwarf players who look at the dwarf forum what cool models are! so closeing my post and telling me to post it in the 'rumours' forum is just STUPID! the rumours forum is for rumours! not fact!

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    Ahem... Calling a supervisor stupid is not a good thing. You were told to post your facts there for the simple reason we have a thread with all the information there, why spread it all over? And I think you'll find almost everythint you know we all know too, most the facts have been out for weeks - I could personally give them out and be almost certainly correct .

    Oh and I get the army book tomorrow or the day after with the army deal, so why do I need to know your facts when I am able to read for myself?

    Now, guess what?


Closed Thread

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