Hi all,

I have noticed that recently a lot of members are answering posts in the help and support forum with either;

a) incorrect answers
b) confusing answers
c) answers that have nothing to do with the question
d) a completely different question

Now, this is a formal request for all members.

Please only answer questions posted in this forum is you are;
a) 100% sure your answer is correct
b) you are able to structure your post so that it is easy to read, and written in plain English.

We will be enforcing this with neg rep (and possably warnings) for members who end up being less than helpful.

Now, If needs must we can (and will) stop non-mods from replying to threads in the help and support forum. We don't want to have to do this, as there are members who are doing an excellent job of helping out other members, but we don't want new members being confused by members giving wrong answers.

Many Thanks

on behalf of the LO Mod & Admin team