Hi all! Sorry, but I wasn't sure who the webmaster was or how to contact them, so I figured posting here would be the best.

I totally concur with the statement that Dodge made 100%, I love this forum and yes, the people here are absolutely fantastic. There is one thing though: spelling errors are a pet peeve of mine that I cannot seem to shake.

On the top right of the home page it says (verbatim):

[ "I love the professionalism on this forum, the friendly responses and the elaberate answers." by Dodge ]

Whoever the webmaster is could you pleeeease correct elaberate to elaborate?

Thank you!

Don't mean to be mean, ignorant, or in any way disrespectful, but I do think having a blatant spelling error on the main page like that can deduct from the overall appeal and professionalism of the site, especially to present academia.