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    Everything you need to know about Librarium Online.

    This is meant to be a condensed FAQ. Please send me a Private Message if you have something you'd like to see featured here.

    What are the rules of Librarium Online?

    The Rules are listed here. Please make yourself familiar with them.

    Reputation Explained

    Librarium Online uses a reputation system to reward good posters and punish poor ones. There are two key terms you need to know when discussing Reputation - Reputation Level and Reputation Power.

    Your Reputation Level is the amount of accrued Reputation. As people give you positive reputation it will rise, and will decrease when people leave negative reputation. You can check your Reputation Level in your User CP panel or by clicking the "Give Reputation" button on any of your own posts. Everyone starts off with a Reputation Level of 10 points.

    Your Reputation Power is the amount of reputation you influence another poster's Reputation Level whenever you give reputation. When you positively rep someone you give them an amount of Reputation Level equal to your Reputation Power. Negative Reputation hits are for only half of your Reputation Power, and only posters with some form of Rank may apply negative reputation (See "Title and Ranks" below). Note that Supermods, Supervisors, and Admins all apply their full Reputation Power when applying Negative Reputation, not just half.

    A user's Reputation Power is shown in their posting profile, just above the stars.

    Using your user CP you can check to see the last five reputation marks against you. Green marks are positive hits to your Reputation Level, Red marks are negative hits to your Reputation Level, and black/grey marks are neutral hits from members who have no ability to influence your Reputation Level, typically due to having no Reputation Power.

    How do I go about giving reputation?

    In each person's post there is a small 'thumb's up' icon on the very bottom left of their post. Clicking this icon will give you a window in which you can choose to apply reputation and leave a message for the user.

    There are limits to giving out reputation, however, as listed below.
    • Minimum post count before a member’s reputation hits count on others: 25 posts.
    • Minimum rep points before a member’s reputation hits count on others: 10 rep points.
    • Daily Reputation Clicks Limit: 10 clicks each 24-hour period.
    • Reputation User Spread: Must give to 5 different members before being able to give to the same member again.

    How do I calculate my Reputation Power?

    This was given to me by the wonderful Miss Grephaun. Kudos to her for finding this information out for us.
    • 90 days membership: +1 rep power
    • 250 posts: +1 power
    • 100 Reputation points: +1 power
    Note that these values are cumulative, so you gain +1 power per 90 days, etc.

    What are the stars in my profile?

    Those are a quick representation of your Reputation Level. You receive one star for every 100 Reputation points you have, rounded up. Once you hit 500 reputation points, you'll receive a bright, shiny, bigger star, and then will only receive new stars every 200 reputation points, rounded up.

    When I hover my mouse pointer over the stars, I see a message. What does this message mean?

    The message is a quick interpretation about how much Reputation Level a user has. While you'll never be able to find out the specific amount another user might have, by ghosting over their stars, you can get a rough idea of how much they may have.

    Click here for a listing of what each message means.

    Click here for a much more comprehensive list, but without the number values assigned.

    Please note that those are subject to change without prior notice.

    What are the perks to having high Reputation?

    Other than the fact you get a warm fuzzy feeling for making someone's day just a little bit brighter?

    After you've accrued 100 or more Reputation points (and met the other criteria, listed below) you'll become an Enhanced Member. Enhanced Members enjoy the following benefits:
    • Ability to upload slightly larger avatars than normal.
    • Ability to choose their own user title.
    • Ability to dole out negative reputation.
    • Unlimited Gallery Space

    To be Enhanced is a privilege that must be earned; you must present a good example to other members of the forum and follow the rules at all times, even in the special Enhanced subforum. If the moderators find that your conduct of behavior is not appropriate for an Enhanced member, the privilege of Enhanced status might be revoked again.

    What are these titles that everyone has?

    Junior Member - 0 Posts
    Member - 25+ Posts
    Senior Member - 250+ Posts
    LO Zealot - 1000+ Posts

    Enhanced - 100+ Reputation and at least 250 Posts or 60+ days as a member.
    Moderator - Invitation Only
    SuperMod - Invitation Only
    Supervisor - Invitation Only
    Admin - Invitation Only

    If you've met the requirements for being Enhanced and the Rank does not show, please be patient. It can take some time for the automated script to recognize you as Enhanced.

    There is also a Subscriber Rank that gives all the same benefits of being Enhanced without the prerequisites, along with other perks. To become a Subscriber, go to your User CP and click on the "Paid Subscriptions" link on the left navigation bar.

    Are there other perks to being a Subscriber?

    You recieve the following benefits when you subscribe to LO:
    • Unlimited Gallery space.
    • No more Ads in your browser.
    • Ability to upload a slightly larger avatar than normal.
    • Ability to set your own title.
    • Your name in a fancy yellow colour to stand above the rest.
    • Special coloured name in LO Chat.
    • Knowledge that you're helping to fund the prolonged existence of our website.

    Some people have tags in their name, such as "Promisance." What are these?

    Librarium Online has "Groups" that people can join. To join a group, click on the User CP and find the "Group Memberships" link. From here you can join any group you see fit, though some groups might require permission from the groups leader before you may join.

    Groups are useful for people who wish to receive notifications about particular interests they may share. For example, we may host a contest and then alert all of our Authors group members to join in.

    How do I change my User Name?

    Simply ask for a name change in this thread.

    What is an Infraction?

    An Infraction is the LO Staff's way of tracking who we've talked to about rules breaches. When a Moderator chooses to warn a person (or multiple persons) about an offending behaviour, they can give an official warning in the form of an Infraction.

    When an Infraction is given, a Private Message is issued to the offending party explaining what the infraction was given for. Additionally, a copy of the Infraction and a copy of the post it was issued for are copied into a thread and posted into a special subforum that only Moderators can see. In this way, we can keep track of who we have talked to in the past and more easily spot repeat offenders.

    Infractions work on a point system. Most infractions are worth one (1) point, though some in some severe cases can be worth more. If a user reaches 10 points worth of infractions, they are banned by the system. However, in the history of LO, we have never had anyone reach all 10 points naturally. Points will naturally dissipate on their own over time and with good behaviour. Additionally, Infractions can be issued as 'warnings', which will still create the tracking thread, but will be worth no points.

    What do I do about bad posts?

    If you see a bad post that you think is not up to LO's standard, report it! On the bottom left of each post are a few icons. One looks like a triangle with a '!' in it. Clicking this button will allow you to submit a reason for the bad post. Then, a thread is created that all Moderators can see which will alert us to the bad post so we can discuss and deal with it. Additionally, this function will e-mail all Moderators assigned to that section, informing them of the bad post even if they're not currently browsing LO.

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    Updated December 16th, 2K7. Fixed broken links; added sections on Reporting Posts and Infractions; removed section on Awards; updated a few things about reputation.

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