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    A suggestion for the site.

    Well, you know when you start a thread or if your posting a reply (not quick reply) the 2 buttons you can press are submit, or preview post, I suggest that a new button be put there. Spell Checker! *Dum Dum Dum* I just think its a good idea as people can just take a few seconds to fix up their posts spelling and making life easier for everyone else. It shouldn't be to hard to do (Well, I wouldn't know, it might be) but I think it would be well worth it and will probably tidy up the site a fair bit.

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    Good idea. I would use it, although I could see some people not. My main problem I see is quick reply; I nearly always reply via quick reply.
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    There's already a spellchecker on posts. Look at the ABC-Tick Icon on the top-right corner.

    I don't think you can get hold of a decent spellchecker freely, so for now you'll have to download the iespell one as mentioned above.

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