Well with a new chatroom comes a new tutorial!

1] When registering, there can be no caps in names or passwords, kidna odd I know.

2] When you get in it may look like theres nobody around, but teh thin is you can't see people unless a) there on your friends list or b) your in teh same chatroom as them. So for now lets just say the main chatroom will be called 'warhammer40k' nd you guys cna dash off into other chatrooms from there. So if you ever decide to see whats going on, click teh join chatroom button and type in 'warhammer40k' regardless.

From there chat as you want. You can also detach a specific chat from the brower window by clicking on teh box with and arrow escaping it thats by theclassic 'minimize-maximize-close' buttons.

Thats all I know so far!