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    The site's resolution

    Although I like and enjoy using Librarium Online, there is one issue that I would like to raise here which is the resolution of the site. When browsing Librarium the design of the site necessitates a screen resolution of at least 1024 pixels horizontally. This is annoying for those users who have screens less wide than this. There probably aren't very many such users, and indeed I'm not one of them - the university computers have 1024x768 displays and I use 1600x1200 on my monitor at home - but I still find the need to maximise the browser window when using university computers annoying, because I like to browse in more than one window at a time. Please do not suggest using tabs - I dislike tabs. I like to have multiple windows visible at the same time. My issue is with being forced to have any window maximised at all - as I am used to having a large screen at home, which holds several non-maximised windows comfortably, I find being forced to maximise a window quite restrictive. Okay, perhaps that makes me spoiled, but as I already noted there's more than one reason why people might not want the site to be 1024 pixels wide, and to me there doesn't seem to be any reason at all why the site needs to be that wide.

    This issue was raised before in a thread a couple of years ago that didn't get any replies. (Resolution...)

    Is there really no-one else, as this would suggest, that finds this aspect of the site's design annoying? Perhaps it's an unreasonably big request that the site be reduced down to 800 pixels wide... but I'm going to say it anyway, if just in the hope that it will be acknowledged by someone in charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerite View Post
    - but I still find the need to maximise the browser window when using university computers annoying, because I like to browse in more than one window at a time.

    You cant blame us for not having a site that fits in one of your multiple windows.

    If you are browsing LO on a 1024 resolution you should be fine, if you choose to have many windows open at the same time, then thats a problem you caused by yourself and not us. If you dont wanna scroll horizontally, then maximize. Its that simple
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