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    Lizardmen - Slann List [2000]

    Whaqt do you guys think:

    Slann Mage-Priest (BS..........625 points
    -2nd Generation, Plaque of Domination, Plaque of Tepok, Diadem of Power, Standard of Chotec

    Saurus Scar-Vetern (GENERAL)..........136 points
    -BSoQuetzl, Great Weapon, Light Armor, Glyph Necklace

    Skink Priest..........115 points
    -(2x) Dispel Scrolls

    (20x) Saurus Warriors (Scar-Vet here)..........270 points
    -Full Command

    (20x) Saurus Warriors (Slann here)..........270 points
    -Full Command

    (10x) Skinks..........70 points

    (10x) Skinks..........70 points

    (10x) Skinks..........70 points

    (5x) Terradons

    Salamander Hunting Pack
    -(3x) Salamanders

    Total Points: 1996
    Power Dice: 8 + 5 Free Dice from the Slann casting (1 per spell) + up to 2 possible from the Diadem of Power
    Dispel Dice: 5 + up to 2 possible from the Diadem of Power (2 Scrolls)

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    The Slann must be your general as he has the highest ld in the army

    I like the setup on the Slann. I've never been a big fan of the diadem of power in magic offensive armies though. It has the potential to do well but I find myself using up all my dispel dice the turn before, and if I'm running a Slann then I'm also not going to have any power dice at the end of the phase either^_^ Your Slann already generates 12 PD by himself which I find is plenty enough.

    Unless you give the scar-vet the Charm of the jaguar warrior I can't help but feel his points are better spent elsewhere. Having said that though he does add some punch to your saurus units.

    Drop the scroll caddy and the diadem and give a scroll to the Slann to save on even more points.

    In short I think this would be a slightly more economic character setup for you.

    Slann Mage-Priest (BS - 615
    -2nd Generation, Plaque of Dominion, Plaque of Tepok, Standard of Chotec, Scroll

    Saurus Scar-Vetern - 133
    -BSoSotek, Great Weapon, Light Armor, shield, CoJW

    You do lose some magic potency but you gain a jaguar saurus and save 128 points. 12PD should be plenty

    For the Slann's unit I find the 20 points spent on the BSoTlazcotl is invaluable to safeguard against potential fear and panic checks. He's not likely to fail many anyway but when he does you'll be wishing you took it. Remember he's quite a lot of VP wrapped up right there^_^ 16 + Tlazcotl saves you another 28 points.

    That's what I think anyway

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