This List is for Friendly Play in that I'm not going to a tourney, but it's going to be a competitive fight between Lizards and Brets. I know he'll field two units of Knights of the Realm, one with his Army Standard bearer Paladin, and the other with some hero level Knight. The knights will be 9 strong in lance formation, with two units of bowman and a trebuchet to back them up.

Here's the force I'm going to use to stop him (with some help from Quetzl).

1000 pt Lizards


Scar Veteran General 149
Sword of the Hornet, Shield, Aura of Quetzl
Spawning of Quetzl

Skink Priest 105
Level 2 Wizard, Spawning of Quetzl
Talisman of Protection


16 Saurus 222
Hand Weapon, Shield
Spawning of Quetzl

15 Saurus 240
Spears, Shield
Spawning of Quetzl

14 Skinks 89
Javelins and shields
Spawning of Quetzl

14 Skinks 89
Javelins and Shields
Spawning of Quetzl


3 Terradons

Total = 999

I plan to stick the General in with the Spear using Lizardmen. I will use the buff Quetzl skinks to screen my Saurus, and disallow an immediate charge on my infantry. My infantry Blocks will be Lined up marching side by side down the field until in combat. Meanwhile, the Terradons will destroy his Trebuchet crew and then be able to do some flank charging against his combat embroiled Knights. The priest will do a little clean up here and there, I'm not really sure how to use him best though, advice would be much appreciated.

This army seems a sound choice to me, as good as cavalry is, strength lies in numbers. If he fails to burst through one of the two skink screens, I'll be able to use the uncharged Saurus unit to flank charge the Knights.

What do you guys think? PS this is my first post, I think I complied with all the rules, the only bare bones unit I haven't listed the cost for.

At any rate, any advice would be appreciated.