Points: 250

Skink Chieftain (Scuikiklhen) - 67pts
w/ Blowpipe, Light Armour, Shield
Trickster Archetype

5 Skinks, (Pond Jumpers)

5 Skinks, (Tree Runners)

10 Skinks, (Jungle Spiders) - 65pts
w/ Brave (Rhubadhub), Spears and Javelin

Kroxigor (Gargoq, the Bone Feaster)

Note: I removed the point values of units I took no options with. Army fluff is in parenthesis.

My first Warbands build.

The idea here is for a 250 point warband that I can easily escalate for bigger games, and also one that won't suck eggs in practicality- I hope, at least. Scuikiklhen is, obviously, my general, and he goes in to one of the five-man Skink teams. The javelin skinks are the kroxigor's charge screen, and will help him out by flanking the enemy once the big guy is in battle. The five-man units are going to be making much use of the Trickster Hero's "Withdraw" ability, and will remain dedicated ranged combatants. In a 500 point game I would buy a Salamander, three terradon, and some load-out for my hero (Mark of the Old Ones, and Enchanted Shield come to mind), with enough 'floating' points left over for five more skinks and a Brave, another magic item, or an extra terradon.