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    First try at a 2250 Lizardman list

    This is my first attemt with a lizzardman list and I have decided to make the army led by an oldblood rather than slann. I feel this gives me more points to make my saurus better and hopefuly give me an edge in combat.

    Oldblood- light armor, shield, Spawn of Itzl, Spawn of Sotek, Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, Glyph necklace, Carnosaur

    Skink Priest- Lvl. 2, Dispell Scroll
    Skink Priest- Lvl. 2, Dispell Scroll

    Saurus Warriors (15)- Full command
    Skink Skirmishers (12)- Scout
    Skink Skirmishers (12)- Scout
    Skink Skirmishers (10)

    Saurus Warriors (15)- Full command, Spawn of Sotek
    Saurus Warriors (15)- Full command, Spawn of Quetzel
    Saurus Cav. (- Standard, Music
    Terradons (3)

    Salamander Hunting Packs (3)

    As a note all Saurus have hand weapon + Shield.

    Any comments or questions are welcome. Thanks!

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    It looks good to my amatuer eye. You might want to include the diadem of power just to give you a little added magical flexibility.

    I don't know how useful Sotek will be on your Saurus warriors, mine rarely get to charge but that depends on your opponents and playstyle.

    8 Saurus Cavalry seems large, the most you will probably get into combat is 6, that leaves 2 as just to absorb shooting casualties which seems excessive. Personally I take 6 with the BSB and a sword of the hornet. This normally enables them to break a ranked unit they charge from the front (normally not always). Plus it gives them 4 attacks at s5 when they are charged and an additional +1 combat res. However it is costly if they break and run.

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